Relaunch of

Welcome to the relaunch of

We are working on Shadow War: Betrayal and hope to have it out at the end of summer. In the mean time, if you haven’t already checked out Innocence, please do. It even has a new cover!

Shadow War: Innocence

Shadow War: Innocence

To whet your appetite:

With a lifelong interest in martial arts, Rachel Flanagan is intrigued by the prospect of taking parkour classes. That is, until the sexy, infuriatingly arrogant instructor asks her if she’s taking a flyer for her brother! Annoyed, Rachel signs up, only to be drawn into a weeks-long flirtation with Adam Black, who hides more secrets than she can imagine.

Things are finally starting to heat up when a band of killers, intent on eliminating Adam, interrupts them at the worst possible moment. In between Adam’s loft and the rooftops of St. Louis, Rachel stumbles into the middle of a war between two shadowy societies with the future of humanity at stake. Will she choose to trust Adam, or will she fall prey to those who covet her newfound knowledge?